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Handheld Showerhead and Setting Rainfall Spray

Handheld Showerhead and Setting Rainfall Spray

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Shower Head Combo -  4.5" 6-Setting Handheld Showerhead and 7" 5-Setting Rainfall Spray,

The rain shower nozzle with adjustable angle is equipped with a convenient click bar dial, which can realize five spraying modes, including spraying, pressure, massage, spray massage and power spraying.

Enjoy 5 modes with hundreds of closely combined silicone nozzles! By rubbing the nozzle, you can easily clean the nozzle to prevent dust from clogging. The hand-held shower can be used for handheld or angle adjustable overhead spraying.

In addition to the five modes of click bar dial, the hand-held shower head also has an ergonomic handle and trickle button to achieve one click water saving. 70 inch long stainless steel shower hose enhances mobility.

You can easily switch between handheld and overhead water flow alone or together. With the angle adjustable bracket, you can point the spray to the desired angle through hands-free operation.

Elegant gold brushed and nickel plated surface, the shower combination is perfect for any bathroom interior.

In addition to a 7-inch shower head and a 4.5-inch hand-held shower head, the package also includes a durable switch value, a 70 inch stainless steel hose, an adjustable hook, PTFE tape, washers and screws.No need to call the plumber – you can refer to the detailed instructions in the user manual.

Only four hands are needed to tighten the connection, and the shower head can be installed in a few minutes. Reliable brass metal hose and converter accessories provide simple and reliable connection

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