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InMotion Silver Power Full Bed Frame

InMotion Silver Power Full Bed Frame

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S86 InMotion Silver Power Full Bed Frame,Base 54x74x6

Headboard shown in the picture is not included.


Our InMotion® Lifestyle Sleep Systems create a custom sleep experience with ultra-quiet motors, one of the highest lift capacities in the industry with multiple programmable options.

Quality Craftsmanship

800-pound lift capacity
Ultra Quiet Motors
Free-fall safety design

Supports Health and Well-being

Comfortable sleep in customized positions
Help with joint and back pain
Enhanced options for work and leisure

Handcrafted in the USA

All of our products are manufactured in the USA
Best in Class 3/5/20 Warranty
Making it Right™ Guarantee

Our InMotion® Lifestyle Sleep Systems are perfect for those of you who work in bed or have partnered with different sleeping needs.

Available on all models:

Ultra Quiet Motors


Free-fall safety design

Leg height options

Best Nationwide warranty

Fits most headboards and footboards

Silver Series (S-86)

• Back & Leg Lift Adjustability
• Wireless Remote Hand Control
• Backlit Wireless Hand Control
• Built-in Flashlight
• 10-Level Back & Leg Massage w/timer & 5 Wave Patterns
• 1-touch Flat button
• 2 Programmable Settings

The quietest, fastest, strongest, and most durable adjustable base available. Made in the USA from domestically produced raw materials with anGerman designed and manufactured drive and motor system. Designed for 850# loads when most are built for 650#. The drive system tested for 200K cycles while most are tested for 20K cycles. Whisper quiet. Wireless remote. Head and foot lift. Zero gravity preset. Go flatly preset. Flashlight on Remote with backlit buttons. Dual massage with wave and wave pattern presets.

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