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1. With pull-out flushing shower, Freely scalable.More convenient to use,easy to clean.

2. The stylish and simple fuselage makes the practical sink faucet a modern and fashionable kitchen.

3. Simple to install, easy to install,Maintenance-free, wear-free, and anti-aging.

4. 360°Swivel Spout,For a wide range of motion,You can easily clean every corner of the sink.

5. The multifunctional water outlet effect brings you a different experience.

6. Cupc certified water supply line .

7. The internal and external surfaces of the product are smooth and delicate, and there is no hidden danger to hygiene and safety.

8. All production processes are environmentally friendly, and there is no environmental impact.

9. Easy to Install -- Kitchen faucet's Quick-In system requires only simple steps to install the tap, without plumbers and specialized tool, and it takes only about 20 minutes to finish the DIY installation.

10. Ergonomic, multifunctional and designed product, flexible and easy to take out hose shower can turn the sink into a multifunctional work area.

11. Multifunctional kitchen faucet-It has an excellent semi-professional design with a curved spout .

12. The excellent corrosion resistance and anti-rust surface can prevent dirt from sticking to the surface of the faucet, and cleaning the faucet with a cloth is sufficient for daily use.

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