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Fabric Dining Chairs, Grey (Set of 2)

Fabric Dining Chairs, Grey (Set of 2)

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This chair's finishes that shows high elegant fabric of the surfaces. The matte lining the chair legs given them a modernistic gloss which evokes a feeling of “this is quality product” when met by the sights of the beholder. They also show fewer smears and characteristics of decay even after prolonged use. Touching up their finish is quite easy. Despite this chair being entirely metal-legged, the skeleton of these chairs is custom-built by the most professional of the designers to date. The mini foot-pads prevent them from slipping across the room without some bit of resistance. The metal legs add durability and strength, while the hollow within ensure they don’t get too weighty and easy to transport. They work flawlessly and furthermore located in a sophisticated room with present-day shortsighted show-stoppers and ancient rarities give them the ideal hope to impart comfort into the eyes.

What's Included?

2 Chair(s)


  • Cozy fabric chairs with durable metal legs; coated with heavy black powder.
  • Gives off a charming aesthetic look that is well suited to a dining room and can easily blend in with household furniture.
  • Resistant to rust and moisture; suitable to varying temperatures.

Product Details

  • Upholstery Fill Material: Foam
  • Upholstery Material: Fabric
  • Main Color: Grey
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lb.
  • Net Weight : 22 lb.

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