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Portable Walk-in Instant Pop up Greenhouse

Portable Walk-in Instant Pop up Greenhouse

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8'x 6' Portable Walk-in Instant Pop up Greenhouse

Pop-up greenhouse: simple and easy to assemble, you can easily set up a pop-up greenhouse, which can be used directly without installation tools, and easily start your gardening life! The walk-in pop-up greenhouse is spacious enough for you to enjoy planting in it. There is not only your planting space but also the growth space of plants. If you buy a rack, the accessories will be equipped with two sets of 28x42 inch shelves, which can be placed in a relatively spacious 6'x8'greenhouse (up to three 28-inch wide shelves can be placed continuously). The rack has four layers, each weighing 26 pounds. If you buy without shelves, there are no shelves. The zipper door curtain can effectively maintain the ideal temperature conditions. On warm and sunny days, the zipper door panel can be rolled up, fixed on the top, and circulated with outdoor fresh air. In cooler weather, the zipper can be pulled up to maintain the temperature and moisture in the greenhouse. Durable winter greenhouse, the greenhouse is made of steel frame, powder coated with green paint finish, and PE shell is durable to prevent wind and sun. The greenhouse is easy to assemble without additional assembly tools. Including wind stabilizing kit: the outdoor pop-up greenhouse includes a wind stabilizing kit, with a total of 8 ground piles and 4 wind ropes. If you want to take care of your plants in the outdoor pop-up greenhouse, please connect the wind stabilization kit and fix the ceiling of the greenhouse.


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