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Bathroom Faucet with Pop-up Drain and Supply Hoses, 2-Handle 4‘’

Bathroom Faucet with Pop-up Drain and Supply Hoses, 2-Handle 4‘’

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High Quality Material and Design: This beautiful faucet is not easy to leave scratches, not easy to rust, corrosion resistant and the surface is bright and textured, not easy to leave water stains and fingerprints.

Water resistance (preventing residual rust on internal parts) exceeds the life standard of similar faucets in the industry, ensuring lifetime durability. Ideal for rental homes, new condos, studios, RVs, travel trailers, and home use.

Two Metal Rods: The two-handle design can precisely control the volume and water temperature. The torque of the handle can reach 18MM, which greatly prolongs the life of the handle (the current industry standard is 9MM). High-quality ceramic and copper filter elements have passed 500,000 water tightness tests to ensure the stability of the oil faucet water flow.

Water saving: The ABS aerator of the faucet strengthens the dense foaming effect, ensuring that the water flow is dense and soft, it will not splash, improve water efficiency, and effectively save water. The aerator is removable and can clear blockages caused by hard water at any time.

360° Swivel: The 360° swivel nozzle provides a full range of washing for your bathroom sink.Easy to Install: Following the instructions, you can install this faucet within 30 minutes, with no need for a plumber, which greatly saves the installation cost.

The box contains everything you need (including pop-up drain and braided stainless steel intake hose) 9/16" Female Compression Thread x 1/2" Female Compression Thread, x 2 Pieces (1 Pair).

Unique Quick The connection structure, hot and cold water can be mixed through the quick installation pipe without a wrench, through the technology to prevent the pipe from bursting.

5 Years Quality Guarantee, Lifetime Warrant,y, and Replacement.

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