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Portable Detachable Grill Charcoa Barbecue Grill, Mini Tabletop Camping Grill BBQ, Black

Portable Detachable Grill Charcoa Barbecue Grill, Mini Tabletop Camping Grill BBQ, Black

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14 inch Portable Grill Charcoa Barbecue Grill, Small D, Portable Grill,Detachable Grill , Mini Tabletop Camping Grill BBQ, Black

Detachable & Portable: The charcoa grill compact but sets up in seconds or less. This barbecue grill is not only detachable and , but also small and lightweight, which is particularly easy to carry. It can be detached, saving space, and it is very suitable for storing this lightweight grill in very small kitchens, trunks, or bringing it to outdoor occasions, as it is easy to carry to anywhere.Excellent Outdoor Tools: Whether tailgating, picnicking, adventuring, or just relaxing at home, this charcoal smokeless barbecue grill is the perfect little grill that provides big results. It can meet your needs for a variety of smoked barbecue to fully enjoy the outdoor cooking unique in the most romantic and original flavor.Air Ventilation Design: With the unique design of air ventilation, it can boost the flowing of air and the burning of charcoal would be incredibly faster, which speeding up your outdoor grill. If times get tough, this charcoal grill is ready to enhance your outdoor cooking.Reasonable Design: This barbecue grill is easy to install and disassemble as no tools are needed while assembling, and it is especially convenient to carry. When the charcoal grill is detached, the four portable detachable charcoal feets support to maintain stability when used on the ground. The lightweight detachable design is convenient for transportation and Store. Therefore, you can enjoy the fun of barbecue anytime, anywhere.Easy to Clean: It is very easy to clean the BBQ grill after using it. You can detach the charcoal grill easily and give it an omnidirectional cleaning

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